Well he’s not very handsome to look at
Oh he’s shaggy and he eats like a hog
And he’s always killin’ my chickens
That dirty old egg suckin’ Dog

Johnny Cash from the Album “Live At Folsom Prison”

On this blog, we’ve paid tribute to some special characters in the past, but this week our special character is a 91 year old (in doggy years) dog named Dallas. Dallas turns 13 this month which by my calculations, officially makes him 91. Since they have this big “Hall of Fame” for professional football players, I wonder why they don’t have a Hall of Fame for Mom’s, or even doggy mascots at retirement communities? If they did, I believe Dallas would come in at the top of the heap with no problem at all. I’ve never seen an animal more loved by everyone in a community and he’s also the only mascot I’ve ever known who’s been officially banned from his mascot duties for some kind of infraction. He’s had his ups and downs but that’s probably another story for another day!

Egg suckin’ dog
I’m gonna stomp your head in the ground
If you don’t stay out of my hen-house
You dirty old egg suckin’ hound

There’s something about animals in retirement communities that somehow just always seems right. Usually, they’re a little bit older and just like the seniors they hang out with, move a little bit slower. Still, that doesn’t mean their mind has slowed any, only their navigational equipment! Dallas is no exception to this rule. It’s true, he moves a little slower but that just means he’s getting the most out of every step! When he walks into a room, nothing goes to waste! Somehow he instinctively knows where the food is, and he’s not going to miss even one little crumb! He’s a doggy vacuum cleaner! I’ll say it again, you’ve just got to love a dog like that!

Egg Suckin’ dog
You’re always hangin’ around
But you’d better stay out of my hen house
You dirty old egg suckin’ hound

So there you have it. Happy Birthday Dallas, and many more. I hope everybody at Heritage Lakewood is as happy for you as I am and I hope your owner Brenda, has some special doggy treats ready for you to celebrate your birthday. 91 years old today? You’re almost as old as my piano player buddy Pete down in Colorado Springs! On top of that, you’re probably better lookin’ so you deserve it!

As usual folks, send me your critiques and comments. If I can use them and they’re not X rated, you know I will!

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 11/6/2013 6:29 AM


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