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images7777FLIGHT #370 WHERE ARE YOU?

Not since the ill fated flight of Amelia Earhart or the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa has there been a disappearance cloaked in mystery to equal flight # 370. It’s absolutely mind boggling that in these times, with all the technology we have at our fingertips all over the world, an aircraft weighing over half a million pounds carrying 239 passengers and crew, simply vanishes into thin air.

Mind boggling to say the least, but if I were a gambler, I’d probably be willing to make a small wager that right this minute, somewhere in some large city, there’s a writer in a small, dark, shabby room, sitting huddled over his laptop computer delving into the recesses of his warped little mind concocting a story dastardly enough that somewhere in another corner of that city, a TV producer with an equally warped mind will believe that a series could be written and developed around this missing aircraft story and quite probably, horrible as that thought is, he’ll probably find someone crazy enough to buy the idea and produce it, and a TV audience sick enough to watch it.

indexNow please, before you take me out and have me publicly flogged for being irreverent enough to concoct all these weird little flights of fancy, please allow me to say how sorry I am to all the families who have loved ones who came up missing on this flight. It has to be totally helpless and heart wrenching to lose a loved one this way and then to have it dragged out in public over an extended period of time is an unimaginable torture few people could ever fathom. No one comes out victimless in a situation like this. Everyone hurts.

It is inevitable however, that story lines will be written around this tragedy and once you allow your mind enough time to explore some of the possibilities, mental mayhem sets in, and the available scenarios are enough to boggle the mind! I’m not saying it could end up being a modern day takeoff on Gilligan’s Island but the possibilities are there non the less. By the way, if the Gilligan’s Island crew just happen to say that they’ve found the Denver Broncos Super Bowl defense, Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, as well as Barack Obama’s birth certificate, who’s going to say they’re wrong?

Following that, will be the inevitable “Flight #370 Kidnapped by Aliens” theories that will pop up, and there will be those who will find the closest available TV camera to get in front of, who will claim that they’ve been abducted by huge, multi eyed androids who look a lot like John Deere tractors with Porcupine quill haircuts and huge teeth who fed them brain transference medicine and sent them back to earth to tell us that the end is near!

There’s probably not a lot of truth wrapped up in that last paragraph, but if there’s a lesson anywhere in any of this, it’s to treasure what we’ve got while we’ve got it, because it can be gone in the blink of an eye! No matter how well we prepare, or how well we protect, sometimes those things we hold near and dear are ripped away from us and suddenly we look around, lost, lonely and shaken to the core wondering what happened and why did it happen to me? I hope and pray that as the endless lonely minutes of waiting tick away, that somehow this aircraft and its passengers will be found safe and sound and the world will be happy and sunny again! Until then, my thoughts and prayers go out to those families and families all over the world who are missing someone near and dear today.

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,

Posted by All Around Seniors at 3/26/2014 3:54 AM


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