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Better Living in Boulder

BoulderMeridianThis week I took another trip to Boulder which meant another run up the gauntlet of the repair work on highway 36 and another assault on my poor little car. The destination was another first for me and, as it turns out, another one of Boulder’s stellar retirement communities named Boulder Meridian. This just happens to be the place where Theresa Reed coordinates the activities and she is the one making sure that I show up ready to entertain and make the residents happy!

As you drive along the humps and bumps of the Boulder Turnpike your mind goes back to a time when the pioneers first put everything they had on the line and joined wagon trains heading out first across the prairies and then the rocky mountains to find the promised land on the other side. Or, even before that when Lewis and Clark ventured out to find a pathway to the great ocean in the west and used the services of a young Indian girl named Sacajawea to guide their expedition across this huge, unending wilderness. I wonder if she knew that the men on this expedition were getting paid 23% more than she was, and that the work she was doing wasn’t considered valuable enough to warrant equal pay for protecting the lives of the men she was guiding? How about this? Move the year up to 2014 and the characters of Lewis and Clark are replaced by a couple of our more “conservative” presidential candidates, and Sacajawea wants to talk about woman’s equality in the work place? Can you imagine the response? Can you imagine what that response would be if those “conservative” candidates also found out that a few thousand of Sacajawea’s relatives were also sitting on the other side of the hill? I’ll bet they’re glad she wasn’t overly emotional! I wonder why they didn’t ask for her birth certificate?

I know I’m being silly, but sometimes silly ideas have their day, and this week when politicians of all stripes were sitting around on their fat behinds, expounding on, and judging the value of, women in the workplace, your imagination goes wild and sends silly messages to your brain that tend to get skewed, and it’s not long before they take on a logic of their own. Even so, I can’t help but wonder how a good many present day hospitals and care facilities would even function if it wasn’t for the Sacajawea’s of this world and all the other dedicated women who come to their jobs every day and make miracles happen. When you meet them, please look them in the eye and say Thank You. Maybe that will make up for all the politicians who don’t seem to know how.

The world I work in currently, has a great many more women than men holding down the fort and making sure that seniors in retirement communities enjoy living their lives in a wholesome environment that inspires both mental and physical activity. Women are making sure these are places where each person’s life is treated with respect and dignity which, after all, is what we want, right? I ask you this. If everybody’s Mom is so important, why are we allowing them to be cared for by people we don’t want to pay equally and offer them the dignity and respect they deserve? Something’s wrong with this picture!?
So that’s it. If you’re not into considering women as equals in our workforce, then don’t bother thinking about Surpreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Sonia Sotomayor, or Diane Feinstein or Billie Jean King or Eleanor Roosevelt or Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi, or another zillion women not mentioned here who have made their mark as well. Last but not least, let’s not forget the original trailblazer, Sacajawea!

Will Rogers once said, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts!” If Mr. Rogers could be here and watch the circus we’ve got going on today, he probably wouldn’t be able to stop laughing long enough to write anything down!

As usual send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 4/16/2014 3:45 AM


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