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After 90 Days, Then What…??

This week, our Congress treated us all to a brand new gift. Kind of an expensive gift to be sure, but if they say it’s a gift…well, if you can’t trust your politicians to tell you the truth, who can you trust? It’s kind of like the first time your Mom ever tried to get you to eat liver and onions and was still telling you how great it was as you and a mouthful of that liver were headed for the bathroom!

The wonderfulness in all this, is that this little treat they gave us only cost 24 billion dollars and we, the taxpayers, get to pay for it! Was it Andy Griffith that used to say, “folks it just don’t get no better’n that!” This academy award winner had a little of everything, greed, lying, cheating, bullying, hypocrisy, avarice, racism and a whole bunch of other adjectives I can’t think of at the moment. The greatest part of all is that, like it or not, we stand a real good chance of coming back and doing a repeat performance of this in ninety days. The scarier part of it all is that we just might be witnessing the beginnings of the fracturing and unwinding of our modern day political system.

The first thing that became very evident in this whole debacle is that racism is alive and doing very well in the USA. It’s not just the outright hate of having a black family in the White House that was front and center on every TV in the nation recently. It’s also showing up in the way we name our sports teams which frankly, I don’t understand. If I was an Indian, I think I’d be proud that a city like Cleveland thought I was such a cunning, brave, stalwart warrior that they’d name a baseball franchise after me. Maybe the Washington Redskins should rename themselves the “Washington Red Epidermii!” (somehow doesn’t quite have that NFL ring does it?) I remember as a kid, playing hockey for the “Bobcaygeon Bobcats” and how proud I was to be named after that fierce little animal! I don’t think we ever asked the opinion of a real live bobcat at the time, but I don’t imagine he (or she) really cared one way or the other!

The second is that there is a contingent of the Republican party called the Tea Party that may very well attempt to take over the current Republican party. That is scaring the pants off certain Republicans who were formerly thought of as being “conservative,” but who shortly might have to find themselves a new home! What’s next? Conservative Democrats? What’s this world coming to?

Third. Another thing that concerns me is the tremendous amount of money floating around waiting to fill politicians’ open pockets by organizations and individuals who, like great white sharks, are biding their time, looking for just the right opportunity to strike. How about this, if they’re willing to spend all that money in an attempt to create havoc and bring down our government, then they should be willing to write a check for the 24 billion dollars that little fiasco cost. That’s fair right? Might be a little tough but it would make folks think twice about another one of these asinine manouvers in the future. It’s like Willie Nelson says, “If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band!

I suppose the catalyst for all this is the budget and the fact that President Obama wants to increase the debt ceiling for the 4th time. Today, some Republicans are calling that an impeachable offense, even though Ronald Reagan raised it 18 times and was (is) still the darling of their party! Once again, can someone please tell me when this became an impeachable offense, or is it only impeachable when the Democrats want to do it or maybe just when a black President wants to?

Last week I wrote about my choices of ladies to take over and run the White House. This week, I stand by that choice more than ever. Women are pragmatists. They are the level heads, the grown ups in the room when all the rest of us are just a bunch of punk kids shooting our mouths off looking for a fight. Today, more than ever, we need those pragmatic level headed individuals because the way this political battle is shaping up, I’m not sure this problem is going to be solved in ninety days.

As usual, send me your comments and critiques, I’ll read them and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 10/23/2013 5:03 AM


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