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Accessibility for Seniors and Shut Ins

In the period of time that I’ve been entertaining seniors and writing about my experiences, I’ve sometimes wandered the path of negativity. Not because I’m a naturally negative person, it’s just that there’s just so many things I love to rant and vent about!

This week, we’re going to change direction a little and talk about more positive things! I’d like you to meet some people I’ve met, who are involved in improving lifestyles for folks who are older and sometimes less fortunate than you and me! That company would be right here in Colorado and their name is Accessible Systems.

Accessible Systems is a local company sitting right here in beautiful south Denver CO. My contact person is a lady named Amy Dickinson. I believe she prefers Amy Dee but she says their location is just off the southwest corner of the intersection of Hampden Ave and Federal Blvd. If you stop at the McDonald’s, you haven’t gone far enough and if you go another couple of hundred feet, you’ve gone right past it!

Naturally, in any successful business venture,  there’s always a lot of hard work and dedication involved, but if you look closely, you’ll probably uncover a little bit of genius as well. The genius in my estimation, is that not only can Accessible Systems sell products to make life easier for the aging and handicapped, they are also a general contractor which enables them to retrofit your home and surroundings in order to make those products work better for you!

Why is this such a plus? Here’s the reason. Not only does Accessible Systems service and install the products they sell, but when it comes time to retrofit your house in order to adapt to one of these devices, they’ve got plenty of experience in what works best for each product and where can it be used to your best convenience and advantage as well. These can be very good people to know!

These days, the cost of living is higher than ever and money has never been tighter.  People are looking at every option to be able to continue a decent level of living without breaking the bank or being a burden to their relatives or children. Consequently, in many instances, a company like Accessible Systems can make the difference between living a comfortable retirement in your own home with it’s familiar surroundings and all the other alternatives!

I’ve probably gone on long enough about this whole thing, so I’ll close with this. Give Amy Dee a call at 303 693-7787. Tell her about your personal situation. Whatever your problem or situation might be, I’d be surprised if she can’t come up with a solution!

Here’s a link to their YouTube video: youtu.be/K93urW0dnko

Once again, send me your critiques and comments. I read them all and I’ll use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 8/21/2013 2:26 AM


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