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A Change is Gonna Come!

MusisiswhatFSL5“A change is gonna come,” is a song released into the music marketplace fifty years ago in 1964 by singer-songwriter, Mr. Sam Cooke. If Mr. Cooke could still be with us, I believe some folks today might say the change he’s talking about is ‘way overdue and needs to get a move on! Since we’re talking about changes, this might be the time and place for me to write about a few changes of my own.

As you may recall, I recently graduated a course provided by an organization entitled MHTP in order to become a Certified Music Practitioner. My graduation was a welcome thing simply because I have an intense problem with books and boredom and although I may not have Attention Deficit Disorder, I’m close enough to it to have shaken hands with it a few times!

Graduation created some problems for me. Not that I wasn’t ready to go out and apply for work, it’s just that all the time I had been studying to become a CMP, I had also been quite diligent in building up a very nice, stable clientele in the local retirement communities where I work as a seniors entertainer! Not only that, but I have become friends with a good number of these folks and giving up on them now, in order to begin something new is just not cool! It would be a stab in the back to those folks who have become friends and are there every time I show up. I just can’t do that!
imagesvetThe problem seemed to manifest itself in two important ways. Time and money. The time problem was obvious. Everyone I spoke with who could possibly use me even on a part time basis, also wanted to put me on call in case they needed me to fill a slot for someone. The problem with that idea was that it would cut into my retirement community schedule and I have already stated how I felt about that.

The second problem is money. Everywhere I have been, people have expressed a need for therapy music in a “healing” mode, especially Vets and those suffering PTSD. The problem is, finding facilities with the money to pay for it! In the small segment of Denver I have managed to cover, the story is almost universal, those who need it the most can afford it the least! This led me down the long, twisty, “Wizard of OZ” path looking for the wiz, only my wizard isn’t the guy behind the curtain, my wiz is called MONEY and the never ending lack of it!

The solution to my problem came, as they have many times, from a totally unexpected source.

I was at the Musicians Union office moaning and groaning to the president, Mr. Pete Vriesenga, about my woes and seeking advice about what it might take to start a 501(c)3 non profit organization. This would be necessary in order to legally solicit tax free donations from outside sources that would provide me with enough income to apply my teachings where I felt they would help the most and do the most good. His answer was short, simple, and and to the point.

“Forget about starting your own non profit organization. The Union already has a 501(c)3 entitled “Our Musical Heritage” with all the necessary filing done and office backup already in place!” Start here and if you’re successful, someday you can set up your own. You know, sometimes life does throw you an ace or two, and I can’t thank Pete and the Union enough for jumping in, and for all they’ve done!

So, this is me for the first time in my life publicly coming out and asking for money in order to play my music to help and heal. I’m doing this for those who can’t afford it and can really, really use it. No doubt you will hear about this from me until you’re sick of it, but all I can do is ask, and so here goes;

If you would like to make a 501(c)3 tax free donation to help Rod Taylor play therapeutic, healing music for needy folks, please mail your check to;

Our Musical Heritage
C/O Denver Musicians Association
1165 Delaware St.
Denver, CO 80204-3607

At the bottom of your check in the memo line, please write, Rod Taylor CMP fund.

That’s it! Have a great week everybody! Send me those comments and critiques. If I can use them I certainly will.

Thanks again
Posted by All Around Seniors at 4/30/2014 5:43 AM


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