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Let’s Have 365 Memorial Days

memorialdaycutoutThis past weekend, I was treated to a special gift. I call it a gift because not only did I get to play my music for a wonderful group of Seniors and Veterans at Heritage Club Greenwood Village, it was a gift because I was reminded of many things in this life I should remember and be very thankful for. I also need to say a special “Thank You” to Joel Richardson and Stephanie and Karilyn and everyone else at Heritage Club who made this a special day for the Vets.Obviously, number one on the gift side of the ledger would have to be our Veterans. Those wonderful people who have fought for us and have given their all to allow the rest of us the privilege of living in this wonderful land and the lifestyle we enjoy today. Number two on our long list of those we need to remember and be thankful for, are the wives, mothers and family members of those who went off to war and fought for our freedom. Without all these people, we quite simply would not be here today, and we owe each and every one of them so much for their sacrifice.This brings up the point that  there are so many other things we need to be thankful for, I believe we should have Memorial Day 24/7 365 days a year! The next item that sits very, very high on my priorities list of things to be remembered and attended to, is this wonderful, gorgeous, land that we live in.imagestreesWhy is it, that we choose to abuse this precious resource every day of our lives? We call it home, and yet every day we Burn it, Frack it, Strip mine it, Pollute it, and leave it lying in waste while we carelessly move on to something richer and greener? Let us not forget that this is our land and these are our lakes and rivers and this is our air that we’re polluting and laying waste to! Forget about the global warming deniers, pollution is pollution and we’re causing it!

Our railroads are no longer state of the art. Our national transportation system which was once the envy of the world, is falling apart from disrepair. Our Veterans Administration which used  to be able to take care of the Veterans who fought for our freedom is antiquated and almost dysfunctional. Many of our vets who have returned home are left homeless, unemployed, and uncared for. THAT, is a bad, pathetic joke! Our VA is hopelessly mired in stacks of old, antiquated systems that haven’t worked in years and probably never will! Congress wants to talk about scandals? As tragic and senseless as Benghazi was, those are four lives we lost that can not be recovered. Meanwhile, here at home, we have thousands of returning veterans that are being ignored and stacked up on the trash heap of society! These are scandals of monumental proportions and honest, living souls are being wasted while our do nothing congress spins it’s wheels finding all sorts of ways to tippy toe around the issue and look for another donkey to pin the tail on!

Is it any wonder congress can’t solve other problems when we can’t even give a Vet a decent meal and a safe place to sleep? That’s a national disgrace folks, and certainly deserves being on the long list of things we need to remember 24/7 365!

Last but certainly not least on this long list of items that we need to remember 24/7 365, is the nearest and dearest item of all, our children. These are our future leaders, doctors, lawyers, financiers, educators and yes, even congress people! In our current cost cutting frenzy, we’re pushing these young folks away from head start programs, school lunch programs, after school activities programs, and other programs too numerous to mention. Some day when they are our leaders, this will come home to haunt us in spades.

Attempting to fix our financial sins of the past while ignoring the present and the future is not the smartest thing we ever did boys and girls. Budget cutting and sequestering might be a temporary way of keeping the wolf away from the door but they don’t do much to help solve present problems like starving kids or collapsing bridges. That’s why my vote is to have Memorial Day 24/7 365.

As usual send me your critiques and comments. If you know anyone who’d like to be added to our mailing list, send them in. We’ll be glad to do it.

Thanks again,

Posted by All Around Seniors at 5/29/2013 5:04 AM

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